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Information for October 6-16


1. Carol and I will be away from October 6-16 (I would not have published the newsletter during that time anyway)  We will be in Arizona.  We take some of our time off each year to do some other work.  I will be working with the Board of Directors of Valley View Community Food Bank.  I serve as the vice president of that board and will be leading the yearly planning retreat.  Carol will be on the Navajo Reservation where she will continue to develop her relationship with some of the women on the reservation, bring back some of their weaving to show and sell at our Diocesan Convention, and meet the rector of the Good Shepherd Mission in Fort Defiance, AZ on the reservation.  We look forward to being back in worship with you on October 20th.

 2. I will be doing the Blessing of the Animals at the Manakin Market in Centerville on October 19th from 10:00am-1:00pm.  Please plan to come by with your pet that day.  Please invite some friends to come along with you with their pets.  It would be great to have dogs, cats, horses, ponies, tortoises, and any other pet you can bring along.

 3. On October 6th Joey Broussard will be sharing during the sermon.  And on October 13th Richard Walker will be sharing.  These are our two wardens and they have some wonderful things to share with you about the faith!

 4 The Vestry Committee meets to day at 4:00pm.  We will prayer walk in Riders’ Branch at 5:00pm.  You are welcome to take part on both of these meetings.

 5. As you remember please keep Pastor Ken Carter and the Mt Olive Baptist Church in your prayers.  We would love to see God open up a closer relationship between our two congregations.

 6. Thank you for all of your faithfulness, generosity, and prayer

 7. Let’s keep praying for each other.

 Grace and peace

John Maher

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